U.S. State Department: Religious Freedom Low In Afghanistan, Pakistan: H. Post

Afghanistan endgame leads to Tajik gambit: Hindustan Times

What It Will Take to Secure Afghanistan: CFR

obama-fears-pakistans-disintegration-book: Dawn

4 French soldiers killed in Afghanistan: CNN

Afghanistan to ink long-term partnership agreement with China

Pakistani doctor who helped CIA hunt for bin Laden sentenced to prison for treason: The Washington Post

Election Puts French Afghan Force on Notice: NY Times

Some Good News from Afghanistan: FP

Afghan women face horrors for ‘moral crimes’

Afghan schoolgirls poisoned in anti-education attack: Reuters

Pakistan on the Brink by Ahmed Rashid – review The guardian

NATO service members, Afghans killed in blast: CNN

U.S. Offers $10 Million Reward for Pakistani Militant: NY Times

 West will pay a terrible price if we leave Afghanistan in the lurch: Telegraph

Afghan National Development Strategy: book

Plan B: Rethinking the U.S.-Pakistan “friendship”: FP

Afghan refugees: Children deprived of education

Pakistan addicted to using terrorist groups against India: US – The Times of India

Obama: Pakistan review must respect U.S. security needs: Reuters

What America Should Have Learned From Imperial Britain’s Afghan Defeat

Chaos hits Karachi after killing: bbc

Toulouse attacks expose, and overexpose, French jihadism: FRANCE 24

Al-Qaida Chief Urges Pakistanis to Revolt: VOA

Media Conference Call: U.S. Policy in Afghanistan: CFR

Karzai Calls on U.S. to Pull Back:  New York Times

Swiss couple released in Pakistan:  By Shaan Khan, CNN

Human Rights groups concerned at cyber censorship in Pakistan:Dawn

50 NGOs urge Pakistan to free Christian mother from execution on charge of Blasphemy Published by UN Watch – at March 13, 2012 in human rights council (unhrc).

Iranian terror base in Gaza will be ripped out: NATANYAHU

Hezbollah, Hamas coordinate positions on Gaza, Syria

Obama: use of military in Syria ‘premature’

Syria: 47 women and children dead in massacre, opposition claim – Telegraph

Lawmakers press Pentagon on massacre suspect’s brain injury

U.S. Afghan Strategy Won’t Change: Panetta

IAEA Has “Serious Concerns” as Iran Boosts Nuclear Work

Making waves in the Afghan legal system

Pakistan tells US to stop drone hits


Le fils de l’ex-président Rabbani prend la tête du Haut Conseil pour la paix: France 24

Les questions en suspens dans l’affaire Merah: France 24

Le jeu de l’Iran à propos de son programme nucléaire: Fazal ur Rehman Afridi

Immigration légale : les réponses de Hollande à Le Pen: Rue89

Hollande veut mettre fin à la rétention des enfants étrangers

Un an de révolte et de répression en Syrie

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