A vibrant location for get-together and political, cultural & social discussions, views and analysis on  hot topics at IRESK Head-Quarter at Paris. A library with books on pashtun culture, history will be hosted at the same Community Centre where the Pashtun diaspora, students of history, researchers and journalists will find a cosy atmosphere to indulge in and enjoy traditional Pashtun hospitality.

    • Radio Champs-Elysees-Khyber

      VOICE OF KABUL: A monthly magazine, with a comprehensive review of the articles published in regional and International media out-lets.

    • Using on-line radioChampsÉlysées-Khyber, magazines and other media to direct Pashtuns to a better future through education, promotion of secular values and preservation of old Pashtun  traditions.  A pro-active approach has to be adopted so as to prevent the Wahhabist fanatics and extremist elements from playing with the emotions of Pashtuns by indoctrinating them to hate and kill those who dare to oppose their ideology. Promote a pluralist, tolerant and empowering environment in the region.





In Af-Pak region our Children are exploited, abused, terrorized and used as tools of terrorism on daily basis by terrorists.  We are short of reliable data as most of the time the systematic violence against children, is not reported due to lack of access to the areas controlled by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda particularly in the Tribal areas of Pakistan adjacent to Afghanistan. So, having a comprehensive assessment and analysis of facts and figures is difficult in order to make a comprehensive plan of action against terrorism targeting children.

Three dimension of the problem:


In the backdrop of stopping the International Humanitarian organizations working for the safety, health, education and protection of the children, the future seems to be bleak for our children. Urgent action is needed on the part of UN, UNICEF and all the International Humanitarian organizations to put pressure on the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan to ensure the protection of the children in their respective countries.

IRESK does not demand billions of dollars that have been dolled- out to nourish the corrupt Karzai government and deceptive Pakistan Military. We just want an alternative strategy. It is very simple. Just help us Protect our future generations. Give our children education rather than guns and explosive vests. Invest in our Children rather then in Wars which are resulting in further radicalization. The Jihadists and Islamists are using the Wars as an excuse to continue to get legitimacy among the un-educated and ill-informed public. Why spend billions of dollars while the problem can be solved with a few millions by investing in our future. And our future is our children. It is in this way we can win the hearts and minds.

It is in the Al Qaeda-ISI-Taliban-run terrorist camps in the border regions with Afghanistan where children are brain-washed, trained and sent to explode bombs as suicide bombers in Pakistan and Afghanistan. A global campaign is needed. A holistic approach, covering all aspects of terrorism is needed to root-out  terrorism and protect our children. We should have the courage to stand firm against the terrorists and say « no to terrorism”.

  • Help, support and utilize institutionalized, sustainable media structures in the region with particular emphasis on Afghanistan and Pakistan to raise the bar of journalistic standards through training a responsible, balanced reporting; Media Ethics and independent investigative journalism.


  •  IRESK will provide an effective, private, institutional structure to network, promote, develop, and manage the problems associated with Pashtun through inter-disciplinary Communications, capacity building and related activities and skills, in France, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • Support  the Pashtun immigrants here in France by liaising with public and private organizations / institutions etc. Provide counseling to Pashtuns about their rights and inform them about their responsibilities towards the government of France which is hosting them.
  • Interact and gain support through advocacy groups, political parties, public and private entities, elected representatives and others, on behalf of the Pashtuns.
  • Encourage Pashtun youth in UK, Europe and Americas  to connect themselves to their  Pashtun culture of love, non-violence and peace rather than following the radical and extremists pseudo-religious scholars and dobious Islamist organizations spreading ideology of hate and killing.

Khyber Institute for Research & Strategic Studies

Member of International Alliance against Terrorism

Français Registered in Paris-France under the French Law of Associations 1901.

Français Copyright ©, IRESK, 2012


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